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Dredge 24 hours after the shuttle Company of the equipment sold by machine enjoy 12 months free warranty (except artificial damage), the main structure warranty five years (see parts manual schedule list), life-long maintenance.

The company sold the equipment to enjoy 12 months The machine for free warranty (except artificial damage), the main structure warranty five years (see parts manual schedule list), life-long maintenance, maintenance during charge cost.

The company has went through quality system certification,Company production of numerical control woodworking lathe products through national mandatory 3 c certification and the European Union CE certification, first-class quality, first-class service new and old customers, please rest assured the choose and buy.

All company customers, a professional phone pays a return visit once a month,ask about the use of tracking client machine, assist to solve problems in production.

Customer equipment such as failure, can be in the form of a phone or fax to inform my company,our company after receipt of notification, 1 hours to propose solutions, principles for customers without shutdown of full capacity.

I CNC machinery series products of the company after the acceptance of equipment, the use of the free to the customer technical personnel for equipment operation, maintenance and maintenance training, to ensure normal operation of production.

Jinan days Ao CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. is set production, design, sales as one of professional engraving machine manufacturers, the main woodworking engraving machine, stone engraving machine, advertising engraving machine, styrofoam carving machine, mold engraving machine, cylinder engraving machine, plasma cutting machine and advertising industries with punching machine, CNC cutting equipment. Our customers across the country, involving a number of industries. Days Ao Series product positioning in new technology development, application of new products, to improve industry methods, improving work efficiency and quality...... [more details]

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